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For more than ten years I struggled with a host of ailments and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.  I spent more than $20,000 going to physicians and purchasing expensive products that in some cases only made matters worse. 


When I first learned about the bio-identical hormone crèmes from Better Health Naturally, that hormone imbalance was an easy fix, I was quite skeptical.  After all I had done to correct my problems to no avail, the very idea that a non-prescription, affordable product could be the solution seemed neither probable nor possible.  So after a year and a half of seeing these products and Dr. Barbara Hoffman on the Daystar Television Network, I decided to break down and try them.   


AMAZING......within one month I felt like I had turned the clock back 20 years.  Three months later I was a new person.  I am blessed by these products and it is in total faith that I can say if it works for me, it will work for you too.   Please visit my store and my pages, and please feel free to send me your questions and comments at  



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Sunny O'Malley